150-51 14th Avenue, Unit A, Lower Level,

Whitestone, NY 11357 

Phone: 718-746-4400 


Open 7 Days

We introduce ourselves as a TLC approved school.

Currently, we are providing these 3 types of classes mentioned below.

1. 24 Hours Class 

Flexible Hours Schedule, Two classes every week.

Choose a or b,

a. 8 Hours a day for three days, 

(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

b. 12 Hours a day for two days

(Saturday and Sunday)   

2. WAV Wheelchair accessible vehicle 3 hours class

Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm   

(ask us if you looking to take this class any other day)

3. Defensive driving course



Small classes with caring instructors




Defensive Driving Course 

24 Hours Class

Your future is waiting at Goog Transportation Education Academy    

No appointments necessary, Walk in Welcome.                            Easy Parking


Wheelchair Accessible Classs

Driver's Choice


With more then 150,000 limo/cab drivers in NYC, there's always something drivers need to know or improve. Our school is their first choice regarding their transportation industry knowledge needs.

Welcome to an amazing place!

The Adventure Begins

Everyday, more than a 100 new people apply for TLC License and some of them come to our school for mandatory classes. They leave us for jobs, taking with them a sense of purpose and a commitment to improving the future for all.


Join us and see what a few days at our school can do for you!


Nawaz Ahmad Babar President & C.E.O.

Phone : 718 746 4400

Email : info@googeducation.com

Abaan Goog

Transportation Education Academy



Our students go on to career in driving